Paediatric Surgery


Name Designation Re-employed Email Mobile No.
Dr. Jaswir Singh Professor &Head 9815664208
Dr. Parveen Mittal Professor Re-employed 9417028929
Dr. Baljinder Kaur Professor 9855713111
Dr. Gursharan Singh Associate Professor Re-employed 9888168388
Dr. Harjinder Singh Associate Professor 9815507911
Dr. Harshinder Kaur Assistant Professor 9814041345
Dr. Manpreet Sodhi Assistant Professor 9646239002


Pediatric surgery is a subspecialty of general surgery, a branch of medicine that deals with children from their infancy to their teenage years.

Although pediatric surgery also includes the diagnosis of the patient, it is more involved with the treatment, specifically surgical care. A pediatric surgeon, the term used for specialists in this field, develops the best treatment plan for the patient, conducts pre-operative examinations and preparations, and follows up on the patient’s progress as part of the post-surgical care. He or she works closely with the patient’s guardians and/or parents who will be responsible for the majority of the care.

He or she may provide instructions and counseling, as well as refer them to support groups or other professionals who can perform therapies to better cope with the child’s illness.

Pediatric surgery is divided into various types of expertise. Prenatal surgery is a brand-new concept in the field. It deals with a fetus or unborn child. Some defects can already be determined through ultrasounds and other examinations that can be performed on pregnant women. These tests are also often part of routine maternal and fetal care. A pediatric surgeon who specializes in this field usually works closely with sonographers and radiologists.

The other type of expertise in this field is called neonatal surgery, which focuses on babies (both full-term or premature) who require surgical procedures typically to correct a congenital abnormality that may prevent them from growing up normally or may be life threatening.

Services Provided

  1. All GOI Programs being Run with In Paediatrics OPD &Indoor
  2. Normal Newborn Care
  3. Sick Newborn Care
  4. RBSK -Epilepsy clinic, CP Clinic
  5. Asthma clinics
  6. Coeliac Clinics
  7. Nephrotic Clinic

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